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Macomb Twp Chiropractic New Patient FAQ

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Common Conditions
1. The initial patient encounter at Macomb Macomb Twp Chiropractic begins with a patient history. A health history is designed to determine whether your condition is within the scope of our care. If deemed to be a chiropractic case, a comprehensive examination will be performed. If deemed not a chiropractic case, a referral to another doctor may be recommended.Twp Chiropractic begins with a patient history. Click here to receive a FREE consultation with the doctor.

2. A thorough spinal and musculo-skeletal examination along with multiple orthopedic and neurological testing will be performed in order to identify any areas of concern. These exams will determine which structures of your body are affecting your condition. 

Posture Test
3. The patient is then analyzed for abnormal spinal posture and position with a computerized posture analysis system. The system reviews a digital photograph of the patient and analyzes any postural abnormalities detected. In essence, body posture acts as a "window into the shape of your spine." If your posture is off, then so is your spine.  

4. The doctor will then determine if x-rays are necessary for your particular case. Spinal x-rays act as a blueprint of your spine and will reveal any abnormal spinal alignment. The x-rays allow us to see how an individual spine deviates from normal alignment, so that we may decide on an appropriate treatment. X-rays are taken and are analyzed for Subluxations. Without an x-ray, we would only be guessing. 

“To see is to know, to not know is to guess.”
At Macomb Township Chiropractic we do not guess about your health. X-rays will identify important findings such as spinal arthritis and other disorders of the spine. 

Report Of Findings
5. Following evaluation of all clinical findings, a patient’s case is either accepted or referred to an appropriate specialist. Patients who are selected for care will have their examination findings thoroughly explained. This is known as a report of findings and is a very important part of the communication in our office. Once we have identified your particular problem, the doctor will recommend an appropriate treatment plan specific to your condition. During treatment progress exams and x-rays may be taken to monitor the patients progress.

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Posture Test